My name is April Chapman. I love Jesus, my three beautiful daughters, and cheesecake. I am blessed beyond measure by the wonderful friends walking out this crazy, chaotic life beside me.  I’m sure that you will discover that my life is rarely boring….I call it a “pendulum life”….swinging liberally on both sides. I adopted my oldest daughter, Jerilyn, when she was 2 1/2 and she is now a high schooler. Some of the issues I write about are the challenges related to her autism and bipolar disorder.  Other common topics include the myriad of courtroom battles I face with my ex husband to keep me and my children safe.  Oh, you’ll also find out that I like ellipses […] and use them WAY too often.

I speak at conferences and women’s events, encouraging other’s to trust God no matter what life throws at them. God has proven Himself faithful to me, time and time again, and my passion is to help others have eyes to see His faithfulness to them as well.

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