We are so spoiled by the instant gratification of modern technology, aren’t we? Do you remember the last time you were really looking forward to a new download? You pushed go and the progress bar started off quick. Then just as it is nearing the end, at 99% of the way there, it slows to an infinitesimal speed. Your hopes are dashed and your irritation begins rising. No app. No movie. No nothin’. Just waiting and hoping if you hold out for just a few more seconds, it will all work out.

Our dreams can be like that progress bar. God plants them in us and we get excited right away. We feel His voice. See His hand. Surely, the plan is coming to fruition. And then the slow down hits. We get stuck at 99%. We are forced to wait. The question is, how will we wait? Will it be with hope-full anticipation? Will we remain joy-full? Or will our impatience rise to the surface and erupt in frustration and anger? The choice is ours.

Trust in an Almighty God who commands every second of every day.


Decide God’s asleep at the wheel and has failed you.

Hmm…is it a hard choice? It could be. Depending on how much stock we place in our ability to control, well, everything.

Stay with me here as I go off on a little side story. Have you ever played “chicken” with the ocean waves? I remember a group of us playing on the beach one night. We would head down as the waves were going out to sea and then stand with our backs to the ocean. Our unofficial team leader would look out towards the water and start saying “Wait for it….Wait for it,” as we could hear the wave making it’s way back up to us. It seemed like we waited forever, filling up with both joy-full anticipation and the fear of getting soaked. Finally he would yell, “Now!” and we would take off, trying our best to outrun the wave lapping at our heels, and laughing the entire way.

The truth is that God sees what is coming. He isn’t making us wait to torture us. He is doing it to bring us the most joy and Him the most glory. God’s timing is impeccable. He isn’t a second too early or too late. Try to embrace the joy-full anticipation as you wait on Him to yell, “Now!”

He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber. ~ Psalm 121:3

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