Right now I am on a plane from Billings, Montana heading back to Phoenix. Julie, my wonderful sister,

and her family came down to Phoenix last week and left their two-year old, Genevieve, with us for a few extra days and then I brought her back to them this weekend. We were also able to meet Gracie for the first time, who is now six months old. Oh…I love being an aunt! They are so adorable. I just want to hug and squeeze them constantly. I love being “Auntie April.”

Traveling with Genevieve this last week reminded me of the physical toll little ones take on you though. I had happily forgotten the trauma of lugging around all the extra stuff they need. My baby is seven and she can carry her iPod all by herself, which is all she really wants these days. 🙂

It was nice to be able to go and see where Julie actually lives and just spend time together without feeling rushed. It’s hard to believe that my little sister is such an “adult” too…raising beautiful children and keepin’ it real with her great hubby, Getty. They live in Sheridan, Wyoming, which is two hours from Billings. So, I actually got to cross two states off of my “Never Been To” list. Montana and Wyoming. It is beautiful up there.

Julie and I went out and karaokeed it up last night. (Thanks Getty!) I can karaoke because I don’t embarrass easily, even though, if I had any self-respect, I would be embarrassed! Julie, on the other hand, should be on stage somewhere. We had a great time. Wish we lived closer to each other. It’s great to have sisters who are friends, don’t ya think?

Speaking of friends, though, my other piece of exciting news is that Misty is on a plane right now as well…heading out to Phoenix for a visit. I’m going to get to meet Valor in a few hours. I can’t wait! Another baby to hug and squeeze! Misty is only bringing Valor, so her three crazy beautiful girls won’t be with her this time. I’ll miss them, but maybe that means we will be able to carve out some time to sit down and really talk.  This also means that I am going to force her to go somewhere quiet and actually write a blog post. You may not remember….but there is SUPPOSED to be a combination of three writers on this blog: Misty, Julie (I’m coming after you next, Girl) and I. It’s about time we see a post from Misty.

I’m also hoping to take Misty out for a much needed break! I’ll keep you posted. (Pun intended.)


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