Okay, I had to write this down just so I don’t forget it…since we all know how forgetful I am…or have you already forgotten that? If so, you are in good company. 🙂

Anyway, I  wanted to pray with Ainsley and Daisy before they went to bed tonight so I asked them what their prayer requests were. I’m just going to write what they said or at least as close as I can get to remembering it.

Ainsley: “I want to pray for all our military families who are missing their loved ones. Especially for the kids without dads at home.” (This is the only predictable prayer request because Ainsley does seem to have a heart for the military, she is always praying for them…even at dinner.)

Daisy: “I want to pray for all the kids in foster care that they get nice families.”

Ainsley: (adding on to Daisy’s) “Especially Jada.” Jada is one of Ainsley’s friends in Florida in foster care.

Daisy: (adding to Ainsley’s adding to her request) “Yes, can Jada come live with us?”

Mom (Me): “Jada is with a loving family in Florida now.” (This is true! Thank you God!!)

Daisy: “I want to pray for all the people that have cancer….that they would get better.”

Ainsley: “I want to pray for The Foundation.”

—– Long Pause by all —-

Mom: “What Foundation?”

Ainsley: “Where people donate their things to other people that need them, like hearts, kidneys, body parts. Because those people are sacrificing themselves to give someone else a second chance.” (I know that most are not technically “sacrificing themselves” but that is what she said.) 🙂

Mom: “Okay, that’s a good one. Anything else?”

Daisy: “I want to pray for Carter, he’s been out of school for two days.” (Our first local prayer.)

Then the girls prayed for what they requested and went to sleep. I was laughing with Daniel about the randomness of their requests later and then I realized that we should all be more like children. They ask God for the big things…world changing things. They aren’t focused on themselves. They aren’t limiting God’s ability to do anything and everything…even cure cancer with this prayer.

I am a lucky mom to be raising these beautiful girls who inspire me to be the kind of person who thinks BIG when it comes to prayer! Don’t forget to take a few minutes and pray with your kiddos before bed. You may be surprised and inspired by what is on their hearts.


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