Whenever I run across a blog I really like, I find myself scrolling back to discover its beginnings. With that in mind, I decided to start this blog with OUR beginnings.  How I met Misty and Julie and let everything build from there.

I met Misty about 15 years ago now (which by the way blows my mind) at a church we were both starting to attend. The pastor came up to these two young couples (us…back then) and gave us tickets to a AAA baseball game which of course we all politely accepted, even though 3 of the 4 of us hated sports. We endured that day, but little did I know one of the best friendships of my life was just beginning.

I actually remember (I say “actually remember” because I am the queen of forgetfulness and often tell Misty that I need her because she remembers my life WAY better than I do!). Anyway, back to my memory, Misty and I were in a Bible study together and I was thinking it would be really cool to be friends with her…she was and is the funniest person on the planet to me.  If you don’t know Misty yet, you will soon be thinking the same thing!

Thankfully, we both helped each other through a lot of CRAP, which cemented our friendship and now there is absolutely no way we can shake each other. She’s stuck with me for life.  Or I’m stuck with her. It depends on who’s having the breakdown that week.

Well, that’s enough for this post. I like posts to be short since I, and many of you out there, are ADOS – Attention Deficit….Ooh Shiny.  I’ll finish tomorrow with my story of how Julie and I met, another total blessing in my life.

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