Fast forward 10 years or so to when Julie and I crossed paths. We were both new to Florida. Julie was already friends with Maureen, my new neighbor and soon to be BFF (yes…I stand by the belief that you can have more than one BFF!). Maureen and I were headed to the pool in our neighborhood, already in the stage where we had loaded up small children and tons of gear and had actually made it all the way to the pool parking lot before one of Florida’s legendary “chunky” rainstorms begins.


Julie is rushing out of the pool area now with her boys and runs into us. Maureen quickly introduces us and I invite Julie to join us at my house so we can let the kids play together at least. She gives Maureen the, “Who is this woman I just met inviting me to her [messy…she would discover] house?” After Maureen gives her the “She’s OK” nod, we head to my house and start getting to know each other. You know…details like how Maureen never yells at her kids, I yell at mine too much, and Julie falls into the happy medium. Until the “Crazy Momma” scream just has to come out.

My friendship with Julie was really cemented when she approached me shortly after and said that God had placed it on her heart to begin a Bible study. She was prepared to administrate all the details, but she needed a facilitator. Viola….I am a facilitator AND a horrible administrator. It was a match made in heaven…literally. 🙂  Of course, Julie thought she needed a facilitator because God couldn’t possibly be implying that she should teach as well….WRONG. Julie and I both ended up facilitating a YMCA Bible Study group. Absolutely one of the best honors of my life, to be a part of something that had God’s hand all over it. Thank you Julie for your obedience in beginning a good work. He was and continues to be faithful to complete it!

I love Julie and you will too. She has a heart that loves God and her family with passion. She is my go-to-counselor in life, always full of wise advise and fresh ways of looking at life. Thanks, Jules for helping to keep me sane….or at least close enough that I can fool almost everyone. 🙂

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