The Tim Tebow Foundation sponsors a prom night for Special Needs youth and adults. We had no idea what to expect, but it was better than Jerilyn or I would have dreamed. The entire atmosphere was so alive with love and encouragement.

Let’s start from the beginning…once you arrived you registered and received a “buddy” for the night. They had over 200 volunteers all dressed up in their best and ready to help their buddy through the night….which meant caregivers were actually given a break….and I will get to that in a minute.

Once the attendee received their buddy, the girls could go get their hair or makeup done, and the boys were offered a shoe shine. Each were given a corsage or boutonniere. Next, they were led to a limousine to catch a ride where they were delivered to the red carpet area.

Each person or couple were announced amidst cheers and proceeded to walk down the red carpet with the flash of cameras. They were ushered into the 29:11 Church, host for the event in Tempe, and could choose to go have a yummy Famous Dave’s dinner, pop into the activity room where they could sing karaoke or play games, or hit the hoppin’ dance floor.

Later in the evening, every single attendee was crowned King or Queen. You wouldn’t believe the smiles on their faces and how happy each one was! Then the base cranked up again and the dancing went into full swing again.

Meanwhile, the caregivers and parents were given a special treat as well. There was a respite room set up for us which included couches, movies, food, specialty coffees, and, drumroll please, massage therapists waiting to give you a massage. We were waited on and honored. What an unexpected gift!

My heart is full seeing how many people were blessed and humbled knowing how much the volunteers poured their effort into this event. Jerilyn couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was and how she just HAS to go again next year. She said it was the best night of her life. Wow! That does a momma’s heart good.

If they have one in your area, get involved! You will be blessed. Guaranteed.

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