Get ready for an “April” story. Daniel was flying into Arizona late on Thursday night. Being the nice wife that I am, I decided to put a sexy dress on to pick him up from the airport. His flight, which was supposed to arrive at 11:45pm, ends up landing about a half hour early.

Daniel was flying over so he could drive with me back to Florida for the summer. Our plan was to leave fairly early the next morning. I was busy packing up my van all day and I wasn’t finished yet, so I decided to borrow my parents Mercedes when he arrived.

I was on the freeway, halfway there, when the car starts slowing down and begins shaking. By the time I get off to the shoulder, I know something is definitely wrong and I smell something burning.  Now, rewind about two hours to when I was in my kitchen talking to my neighbor, Tammy. We were talking about the drive across the country:

Me: “I prefer driving at night.”

Tammy:” Don’t you get scared driving at night?”

Me: “No. What would I be scared of?”

Tammy: “Getting a flat tire.”

Me: “Why would I be scared of that? I’ve never had a flat tire.”

Tammy: “Knock on wood.” (She knocks on the corian counter…I blame all the rest of the events on the fact that she didn’t actually knock on wood. LOL)

I end up with a flat tire…near midnight…in my sexy dress…on the freeway. Instead of picking up my husband who I haven’t seen in over a month, I’m stuck in my car on the side of the road. Goodness knows, I’m not going to try flagging down someone in my hooker-ish dress.

My brother ends up coming to my rescue and my dad calls AAA to have them come out. I pick up Daniel using my brothers car and bring him to the Mercedes so he and my brother can change the tire. As soon as they finish, the tow truck arrives and the guy, after giving me a once over, tells the guys thanks for stopping to help.

Lesson learned: Don’t ever mention that you’ve never had a flat before, God most definitely has a sense of humor.

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  1. Lol! I can totally see this…and I do not drive at night. We’ve had this discussion about night driving before.

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