A new chapter is opening up for me. I am beginning a new job. I’m still at the same company, but this new opportunity fits my skill set better, along with better income potential. The downside is increased travel. Poor Daniel.

Proof of the wonderful husband that I have though is that he told me to take it as long as it didn’t prevent me from continuing to write my book. Oh, have I mentioned I’m writing a book?? I am.

Writing a book is one of those things that I know God has called me to, I’ve known it for years, but I just didn’t know “when” or “what” I would be writing about. A couple months ago, I began praying asking God to give me some structure for the book. Structure is not something that comes naturally for me, so I knew I needed a revelation of His divine plan.

Well, one day, while I was reading in Ecclesiastes I came to the section I like to call the “A Time For Everything.” I’m sure you are familiar with it; a time to be born, a time to die, a time to mourn and a time to dance, etc.

I read through it once and I felt the Holy Spirit saying, read it again. So I read it again. I felt the urging to read it again. I did….this time slower and while I did God brought up ideas on how to connect my life experiences to the phrases. I knew right away God had given me the structure I needed to write the book. It still brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes knowing what a personal God I serve. He meets me where I am. I love Him so much!

I’m working on it, my goal is to have it finished by the end of 2012.  I may occasionally post sections of it on here to get your feedback. Pray that I will be DILIGENT (my word for the year) in this pursuit as I press on toward my goal.


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