My kids crack me up! Which sometimes means they have brought me to the brink of insanity (Like…Wow, that woman has really cracked) and other times it means they make me laugh until my sides hurt. Today was more of the laughing until my sides hurt kind of cracking.

Daisy said three things that had me rolling, so I thought I would share. First she wakes up and comes downstairs to tell me, out of the blue, that she believes monkey bars should be made out of marshmallows. Why?? “Because then you wouldn’t get blisters.” Now, if this child had blisters right now it would make sense to me that she felt the need to come up with solutions. But…no blisters, just trying to solve the world’s problems, one at a time. Who knows, maybe she’ll come down one day and give us the answer to world hunger.

Next, Daisy wanted to pray for our dinner. I was excited because normally she won’t pray in front of others. Score one for spiritual growth, right? Wrong. Dinner was chicken stir-fry, which is important to know. Her prayer was that she hoped the chicken didn’t  “get shoot” but just died of natural causes.

Last, but not least, after dinner one of the girls brought up Pirate’s Booty, which is one of their favorite snacks. It’s basically white cheddar popcorn. We had a guest with us who had never heard of Pirate Booty and asked what it was. Daisy, without a pause, replies straight-faced with “They take baby pirates, cut off their booties, and you eat them.” After a brief pause, the entire table erupted with laughter.

Now, I realize, you may not find these as funny as I did. It may be one of those I-guess-you-had-to-be-there kind of things, but I definitely wanted to remember them, and since my memory is not to be counted on, I decided to write them down. Feel free to share your funny kid stories in the comments below, because I know you “crack” up sometimes too!



2 thoughts on “I’m Cracking…

  1. Love these April! My girls are constantly cracking me up too! In the car on the way home the other night, we were listening to Delilah (yea, I get sappy sometimes). U2’s song ‘With or without you” came. Well into the song, Olivia pipes up and asks what kind of love song is that when you can’t live with or without someone? She had a really good point, but it cracked me up. Especially since she was so aghast!

  2. We love Pirate’s Booty too. Thanks to your daughter, I will never be able to eat it again without laughing!

    When my kids were younger their favorite praise song was “Lord of Kevin & Earth,” which they thought had something to do with their cousin.

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