Let’s relive Sunday, shall we? Well, not actually, because nothing could make me want to relive it! Honestly, chaos is so constant around here it’s almost not even shocking anymore. It was a three-strikes-and-you’re-out sort of day.

Sunday started out with a new behavior coach sent to work with Jerilyn. We went to church and I handed Jerilyn off to her one-on-onethree-strikes-3 support worker, Cindy, plus the behavior coach. With two adults to help her, Daniel and I headed off to the service. I was called out within an hour because she was cursing in church and trying to break for the door.  Strike #1.

We headed home early where I had seven emails from Mr. X’s new girlfriend. I’ve decided to refer to my ex as Mr. X to protect the guilty. Wife #2 recently filed for divorce and although it isn’t finalized, he has gone ahead and shacked up with his next victim who is unfortunately clueless about the fact that he is most likely a psychopath. How do you warn a woman who is under his current spell that he is not all he is pretending to be?

My next question, how am I supposed to feel about a woman who, because she knows nothing of the real truth, is fighting his battles for him which means making my life difficult and putting my children at risk? I personally don’t have the answer. Strike #2.

On to the next part of my day….Daisy asks to have some pistachios. Daisy has a peanut allergy, along with a ton of other things so we typically avoid nuts as a whole. However, pistachios are one of those nuts that she used to eat (before we knew to avoid all nuts) without a reaction, so I just assumed that would still be the case.  WRONG!!  Strike #3.

I had gone about a mile away with Ainsley to pick up her Girl Scout cookies and I got a call from Daniel that Daisy was having a reaction. We literally ran to the car and sped home. When I rushed in Daisy wasn’t looking great. My mom had given her a Benedryl and checked her breathing ,which had been okay, but by the time I listened to her breathing I could tell it was going downhill. I told Daisy we were going to need the Epi Pen. She agreed. So I took her to the closest room and gave her the shot.

ambulanceI then called 911. They came and determined that we should take her by ambulance to the ER. Her breathing had gotten better and her rash had dissipated somewhat once we were on our way. However, she ended up rapidly changing and all of a sudden was having difficulty breathing. The EMT workers had to give her a second Epi Pen.

It is absolutely amazing how quickly it worked. Praise God!! Her breathing returned to normal and we didn’t have another incident. The ER monitored her closely for six hours and then gave her the all-clear sign.

You cannot imagine my relief as all evidence of a reaction disappeared. I was also so proud of my little Daisy who knew when she needed help and asked for it.

So, obviously…pretty bad day. Thank God it ended well with a healthy Daisy-girl!

This was Daniel’s first day back in Arizona with us…welcome back to the chaos Babe! Oh…how I long for a boring life some days…




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