One thing that happened over the summer was my nearly immediate addiction to Pinterest from the moment I logged on. I describe it like heroine or meth….because with one look you get hooked.

For those Pinterest virgins out there, it is basically a web site where people post pictures about any and everything. These pictures, or pins, range from fashion, home décor, DIY ideas and any other topic you can conjure up. My addiction is mainly to the home décor and DIY pins. They are an endless source of creativity and a total drain on my “free” time, if those things can coexist.

So…this summer in Florida when I was driving with one of my best-ies, Maureen, I spied out of my little eye a pallet behind a store. Immediately, my mind starting jumping with all the possibilities, aka…we went dumpster diving. Her kids were in the car and loving it! Who doesn’t love that crazy zany friend who flies into town and manages to stir up some chaos, right??

Maureen’s oldest daughter, Lindsey, wanted to redecorate her bedroom for her upcoming birthday and dare I say it….that pallet was calling her name. We pulled over and threw it in the back. A bit of elbow grease, some demolition help from the guys, spray paint, a touch of inspiration and VIOLA! Lindsey’s life verse as a piece of art for her new bedroom.

Lindsey did a lot of the work too! Lucky for Maureen I was able to help out and not leave her to do all of the hard work….at least THIS time….no promises next time. LOL

For those who may want to attempt some dumpster diving themselves….here were our steps.


  1. Go dumpster diving. J  Find pallet. (Be careful…kids love this so be prepared to have them tell others in a very excited way that you found something in the “trash.” LOL)
  2. Give it a good cleaning with some water and a scrub brush.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. Smooth out the rough areas with sandpaper.
  5. Prime it.
  6. Paint it with your favorite color. We used black spray paint and did a couple of coats.
  7. We used a small bottle of acrylic paint for the hot pink background areas.
  8. 3” stencils from Michael’s for the lettering.
  9. Apply a clear coat of sealant.
  10. Enjoy the finished product of your creativity and hard work!




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