Okay, let’s talk about the really good stuff going on in my life right now. First off, Daniel is actually in the same state I am in for a few weeks. For all you married couples out there who actually live in the same state as your husband…I’m sure you are thinking “lucky April.” Of course, depending on how healthy your marriage is, you are either thinking we are “lucky” that we get to be together every day OR it means “lucky” that you don’t usually have to put up with each other every day. LOL

For me, I’m lucky he is in town, sharing life with me. We laugh a lot and we get to sleep (or not sleep) together. When your love language is physical touch (like me!) it’s nice to have your husband in town because it’s difficult to meet that need when you are 2000 miles apart.

I’m also lucky because, for those of you who have read this blog earlier, you know that life is not always (or ever) easy around theseparts, and Daniel actually takes the weight of this life and truly shares it. Prepare to be jealous girls….he is an excellent chef/cook, helps around the house without even being asked, and even encourages me to go take a nap when I’m tired. Oh…and did I mention he took me out dancing on our date night. Yes…I’m a pretty lucky lady!!

Let me get you up to speed on why we are in different states right now, since I’m sure many of you assumed we weren’t. Well, we got married in May and our plan (I seriously think God laughs out loud when he hears me say I have a plan) was to spend the summer in Jacksonville at Daniel’s place before moving him over here to Phoenix in August. We did spend an awesome summer in Jax, but then we encountered a couple bumps in the road.

Daniel owns a Brightway Insurance office (side note…if you live in Florida and we aren’t doing your auto and home insurance….why aren’t we?? LOL). Anyway, we ended up with some personnel issues in his office, which required he stay there for a while longer. Good news though is that we have everything in place now and he will be headed out here at Thanksgiving.

Another good thing we have going on right now is the church that we are attending, Calvary Chapel. I really love it and they have a special needs ministry where Jerilyn gets a one-on-one aid so I don’t have to stress about whether she can handle it. Totally awesome! Let me encourage you, if you do have a special needs child, to search out this kind of church…you absolutely need this and your children will be blessed. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have a special needs child, but you have a heart to help. Consider being that helper that gives parents like me the ability to even go to church.

Last good thing and then I am really done for today is that we have new neighbors. And they are cool neighbors! Neighbors who want to hang out and have game nights. I have literally mourned my neighborhood loss from Florida….I made such great, wonderful friends there, and until now (yes, over a year) I didn’t see a light at the end of the lonely neighborhood tunnel. So…next weekend I am hosting a game night. I’ve already got two couples coming plus my brother and sister-in-law (Paul and Vicki), so get ready 13th Street, April is about ready to shake things up around here.  :Who-s-the-man:

2 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. Hey – maybe I can be an honorary member of your neighborhood!! 🙂 Would be great to make it up your way to hang out one of these days. Let’s set something up! (After your honey leaves, of course – don’t want to invade on that special time!)

    1. Absolutely Jaimee! I was just thinking about you a week ago. We took the kids to that skating rink again. Why haven’t we done more together?? It’s crazy. I’m up for a girls night, a bring the kids over day, or whatever!!

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