Jerilyn turned twelve this week. TWELVE! I wanted to offer a tribute to my beautiful daughter, so here is an acrostic poem to give you a quick glance at the young woman she is.


….and by jumpy I mean that this girl never stops moving. She is a daredevil whether she is jumping in the pool or jumping over fences.


…just show her an animal or give her 2 seconds and she’ll find one herself!


…When Jerilyn wants to find something…she does.


…She is happy to take a walk by herself, exploring nature whether it’s 50 degrees outside or 115 degrees.


…Jerilyn is such a pretty girl, growing into a lovely young woman.

Young at heart

…Jerilyn has a sweet way with younger children. They love to follow her lead as she often leads them in new adventures.


…Jerilyn is very generous, always giving everything away to others. She loves to give gifts and see the joy in another’s eyes.


Happy Birthday Jerilyn!!

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