I’m watching Little Women right now, the 1949 version….gotta love it! I’m wondering how exactly to reprogram my “Little Women” to behave like these ones. I mean, come on….they obey “Marme” on the first time, without question. They use their $1 for Christmas to purchase their mother something, instead of gifts for themselves. They follow their mother’s footsteps and deliver their Christmas breakfast to a needier family than themselves. For goodness sakes, Jo Marsh cuts off her hair for the money they need to send their mother to Washington. I need to know…is this just a fairy tale? If so, sign me up. I want to exchange this life for that fairy tale. Someone else can write the script, as long as my girls say their lines.  So, spit it out…is it just me….am I not up to “Marme” standards OR can other mothers of “little women” out there tell me, do you….

See a roll of the eyes every now and then?

Have to repeat yourself over and over…and over and over….and over and over (yeah, you get the idea)

Find yourself wondering if you are raising a future attorney currently honing their arguing skills?

See the “entitlement” mentality rearing its ugly head? (Which by the way, makes me want to strip them of every little thing they have and immediately jump on a plane and take them to some third world country to get a flippin’ clue about how lucky their little booties are!)

Ok, I feel I have vented enough. We aren’t raising children whose lines were memorized before the camera, or real life, started. Honestly, we’ve been dealt a hard hand, raising girls in a culture that focuses on body image way more than inner beauty, and reinforces selfishness with every popular song or show. However, we have been created for such a time as this…to raise little girls into little women who love God, respect authority and place others ahead of themselves. We can do it! No really….we can… (If you have any great ideas on HOW to, add them to the comments section, goodness knows we could all use them!)

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