I had the best Mother’s Day! I knew this one was going to be good because the girls have been working on “secret” gifts for the last two weeks. So sweet! I was blown away by their thoughtfulness, so I have to share here, mostly so I can remember it later (especially on days when maybe they aren’t so sweet….lol.)

Daisy had been working on a craft on our patio for the last week. I wasn’t even allowed to go out there because I might see it. She had MothersDayGifttaken 30 popsicle sticks and painted them all green and wrote chores on each one. Then she took tissue paper and made them all into flowers, along with two carriers for them all. So creative and totally her own idea….along with the other nine gifts she made for me. Love that sweet thing! I feel soooo loved.

Ainsley got up and made me a yummy pancake breakfast, served in bed, along with beautiful cards she made and a necklace she ordered (with Daniel’s help) a few weeks ago for me. She recently wrote this poem for me too and entered it into a contest. Isn’t she brilliant? Seriously….I can’t write a line of poetry and she blows me away because she wrote this in ten minutes.



by Ainsley Broussard


My mom is there when I shut my eyes

My mom is there when I rise

She is there to comfort when I cry

She is there to tell me try

She gives me lots of love and care

I always know she will be there

We have a saying we always say

Something I won’t ever forget, even today

We say to my mom, “We love you”

She says, “I love you more”

There’s a confident spark in her beautiful eyes

Why can’t I be as wise?

I love my mother with all my heart

We will never be set apart

I could say more but more isn’t enough

Narrowing it down would just be too tough

I’ll just let my poem say a thousand words

Hopefully it will be as beautiful as the song of a bird.


I had the chance to talk to Jerilyn today as well, who made me a card and a little something to send. Can’t wait to see it! I feel like a very blessed woman and (at least for today) my girls “arose and called me blessed” like Proverbs 31 says, which is every mother’s dream.



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