Daniel FINALLY lives in the same state with us! Daniel and I just finished our drive from Florida to Arizona. This is how I know that I married the right man….we didn’t have a single fight during four days of driving. 🙂 Okay, this is just one reason I know I married the right guy (this time around!)

We spent Thanksgiving with his family in Jacksonville and then we left Florida on Black Friday. The first night we stopped in Pascagoula, Mississippi to see my Aunt Laurie and Uncle John. They are a hoot! Always have been, always will be.

I spent many a summer in Pascagoula, Mississippi. My dad was raised there and it is where he and my mom met. I was born inPascagoula, but we moved to California when I was two years old. I guess Mississippi is in my blood (as much as I may deny it) because it only takes a short time for me to start talking with an accent.

My dad has eight siblings and I have over 25 first cousins on that side of the family. I was the second oldest grandchild, which meant lots of babysitting while I was there. I do have to say that we had some great times though, just being kids, in the middle of the sticky, mugginess of the summer days.

After Mississippi, Daniel and I drove (I mean Daniel drove…I did zero, zip, nada of the driving the entire way), on to San Antonio. Stopping along the way at Boudin King in Louisiana for the best poboys anywhere.  Next night we made it just outside of Texas into New Mexico. Lord have mercy….Texas is huge and mostly empty. 🙂

We made it from New Mexico to Phoenix and now we are staying put for a little while. Daniel is finally here with us. We are so excited to actually be able to live together! See…we are phinally a Phoenician phamily. 🙂

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