Okay…this is the most belated blog ever because I’ve been meaning to post this since Christmas. My sweet 11 year old daughter, Ainsley, couldn’t go to sleep on Christmas Eve (no surprises there). The reason for my shameless pride though is because of what she chose to do with her sleepless night. The next day she told me she read the whole book of Luke and wrote the following prayer for Christmas day:

Dear Father God, creator of all and maker of Heavens we give our thanks to you. Because when we the sinner sinned your heart broke but you didn’t stop loving us so you gave the most wonderful thing one day. Your son. So your son washed our hearts in the blood of the lamb so we could live eternally forever with you. So your son deserves all the presents but he doesn’t accept something made on the outside, he wants something made on the inside so we lift our hearts up to you Lord, Amen.

That’s my Girl!!

(I had to post this so I will never forget it.)

Ainsleys Prayer


One thought on “Shameless Pride

  1. Ahhhhhh!!!! That is just SPECIAL. Our children really know how to touch our hearts. (That’s good cause we need to remember those times when we want to squeeze their cheeks too hard.)

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