It’s been an extremely stressful week and it’s time to unload it here. I was told about two weeks ago that Jerilyn was approved to head over to the San Marcos Treatment Center in Texas. We were just waiting on one last local residential treatment facility to deny her before we could proceed with the final details with San Marcos.

door_open_01Then, about a week ago, we got the final denial, which ironically opened all the doors we needed opened. She was going to San Marcos! Transportation was worked on and late Wednesday night I found out I would be flying Jerilyn into Austin on Friday.

As soon as we made it to the campus, I knew this was the right place for her. It is tucked away in a wooded area. Jerilyn saw two deer as soon as we arrived. The campus is set up like a camp with buildings all over and walkways connecting them.   There are two female dorms and two male dorms, children are placed based on age and diagnosis into the best fit for them. There is also a cafeteria, doctor’s offices, therapists, and a ropes course. The ropes course is huge and is used multiple times a week by the therapists with the children, teaching trust, among other things. The therapist I met while doing the intake told Jerilyn they could take walks outside together while they talked.

They spend a lot of time outdoors and try to discourage dependence upon electronics, many of which they don’t even allow. I think this will be the perfect place for Jerilyn. Fighting to get Jerilyn the help that she needs has been a difficult, exhausting process, but I feel it has all paid off. Every time a door was shut in my face, or I was pushed off to someone else, while Jerilyn was only struggling more and more was because we needed to get to this solution. Without the failures or continual denials, we wouldn’t even have this option. God had a better plan all along. Thank you God that you are El Roi, the God Who Sees. You see what our family is going through, you see, not only the Jerilyn of today, but the Jerilyn of tomorrow and you know the best way to meet her needs.

Let me encourage you today…if it looks like every door is being slammed in your face, remember it’s because you haven’t made it to the door where God plans to show you a miracle yet. Just keep knocking.


4 thoughts on “Jerilyn’s In Texas

  1. Thank you April for that update.. God Bless you. I am amazed by your bravery and your strength. You inspired me with your words once again. I understand what you mean about the doors closing and then eventually, you see the reasons why they happened the way they did. (ex.. like me not selling my house in NY and not buying a house in Jacksonville… it was all meant that way so I could move right back into the same home I left from back in NY 🙂 God, always knows what he is doing, even though we don’t get it at first. So, this is another lesson to remember. I do think and pray for you and especially Jerilyn.. I was so heartbroken the day you were at the airport. I hope she blooms in Texas. I will love to know, so please keep in touch. Hugs to you and all the girls.

  2. April,

    This brings tears of joy to know Jerilyn is getting the help she needs in an environment she will thrive in. It must have been a real sign seeing those deer. It just sounds perfect. The woods and nature are her home. I will continue to pray it all works out. I know it must be hard being so far away, but a blessing to know she is in the right place with God watching over her. God bless you for your perseverance to find the right home for her!

    Love to you all,


  3. HI.. My name is Jessica. I know this is random. But I was Jerilyns roommate for the time I was at that center. No one else would stay with her so I volunteered. She was the light of my life when I was there and I miss her everyday. When I left she was crushed. I called to say bye cuz I knew she was leaving. By the time I called.. It was too late, she had left hours before. I miss her terribly and not a day goes by when I wish I knew she was okay. Thank you.

    1. Hello Jessica…I’m sorry I never responded…actually my blog was hacked and I only just got around to getting it fixed. 🙂 Jerilyn is doing absolutely wonderful and really is grateful for the time she spent at San Marcos…she talks about it often. I am so happy that you were such a sweetheart to her. It made a positive impact on her. <3

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