Having just read April’s post about the beginnings of her friendships with me and Misty, I just had to give you the rest of the story.  April and I lived near each other for over three years, and during that time we grew as close as sisters.  April’s life is in every sense of the word, a three ring circus.  Add to that Misty’s frequent visits from the east coast, and life really got exciting.  We also had our friend, Maureen, who is my winner of “the Mom of the Year who also doesn’t take herself too seriously” award.  It was such a sweet time in my life, and then I moved.

Moved because of my husband’s job.  Moved because I knew my husband would regret it if we didn’t.  Moved because I felt like God had opened some really heavy doors.  Moved because I love my husband.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t want to leave Florida.  I had incredible friends, a great church, a fulfilling job, a paradise-inspired neighborhood, and was within a day’s drive of my parents.  But you know what I have come to discover (and try to remind myself of frequently)?  The “and thens…” of life are often what you end up counting as some of your greatest blessings.

“And then I moved”….turned into “and now we have our surprise blessing.”  A few months after moving, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our sweet daughter.  We had prayed for her for years.  Since both of our boys were born in Albuquerque, NM, my husband and I had to ask ourselves, “Are we only fertile in high altitude?” (We live in the Rocky Mountain area.)

“And then I moved”….turned into “and now I get to focus on my husband and children and not my social circle.”

“And then I moved”….turned into “and now we get to live in and explore a beautiful part of our country.”

“And then I moved”….turned into “and now I know what it means to bloom where you’re planted.”

I could go on and on about how the sadness turned into joy.  Of course, I have my days when I miss April’s circus acts, Misty’s smarty pants comments, and Maureen’s hilarious kitchen get-togethers.  But then I just remind myself  that I’m moving in a year or two.  And then…

One thought on “And then….

  1. “And then Julie moved”….turned into “and now I know that these friendships will last despite the distance.”

    Oh…”And then I moved”….”to Phoenix”….more on that later. At least Julie and I are on the same coast now.

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