I wanted to update everyone since my last post, so many people have contacted me directly to ask how things are going. Jerilyn was admitted to the hospital almost two weeks ago. She is still there. They are changing her meds and trying to clarify her diagnosis. It seems like we are fighting a battle, but don’t know the enemy. Is it autism? Is it a mood disorder? Is it anxiety? Is it ADHD? Is it ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder)?  I do know that she is in the right place with people that are aiming to do the best for her and help. That doesn’t mean it’s easy though.

It’s amazing how quickly your “normal” can change. Now my daily routine includes visiting hours from 6-7 at night. I usually bring a game for us to play, but we’ve never played alone. There are a handful of kids there whose parents don’t come and some that don’t even have any and have been tossed into the system.

I asked God to make us a light in this dark place and he is answering my prayers. I see Jerilyn reaching out to other hurting children trying to comfort them. I see other little faces light up when I come, knowing that they will be invited to have some fun with us. Jesus hasn’t forgotten them and I feel humbled that I can be his arms that give them a hug and his eyes that show someone cares. Please continue your prayers for us and for the other children and families.





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